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Executive Coaching Services: Employer Paid

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We are hired by employers to work with individuals and teams toward specific, targeted goals.


Nancy L. Andriuk is our resident Executive Coach.  Typical engagements in her experience:


An employer hires us as part of a general professional development program.

In these engagements, the organization allows the coachee to work with the coach to define his or her own goals.  Over a period of time, usually one year, the coachee works with the coach on an individualized action plan to clarify, implement, trouble shoot, and measure progress toward the goals.  We are experienced with federal SES contracts.

An employer hires us to work with a person on specific goals.

Most top performers want to develop less used facets of their work style.  For example, a technical professional may use a coach to develop and practice enhanced communication skills.  A new leader wants a deeper understanding of his or her strengths and weaknesses in order to excel in a new role.  A manager is faced with a large project or new work area and would benefit from an outside perspective and accountability partner.  We have the business experience to apply coaching tools and insight in a relevant, useful manner.

An employer hires us to work with an emerging leader.

In order to build a pipeline of future executive talent, many employers groom young leaders through individual coaching sessions.  Young professionals are eager to learn and be mentored and this makes coaching an excellent retention tool.   We are experienced with young professionals.

An employer hires us to develop and present a team building workshop.

Coaching methodologies are an excellent fit to conduct a goal oriented workshop for a team of individuals who work closely together or require additional coordination.  We are experienced at team coaching.

An employer hires us to work with an executive facing a transition.

Many experienced leaders do not retire, but go on to a “Third Age” career that encompasses new and varied personal interests, part-time work, pro bono activities, legacy building and community service.  We have a “Next Chapter” program that works with individuals facing a transition to identify and explore next steps.  We are very experienced with high profile executives.